Absolute Woodworking Equipment Auction

AUCTION LOCATION900 Strickland Street, Albertville, AL

AUCTION DATESeptember 24, 2014



INSPECTION DATESeptember 23, 2014


CONTACTBlake Wilson, 865.546.3206

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Auction Information

To Be Sold To The Highest Bidder Without Minimum or Reservation

2 Locations:

Begins at 900 Strickland Street, Albertville, AL

Ends at 13875 Hwy. 227, Geraldine, AL

Auctioneer’s Comments: Total Liquidation of Alabama Custom Woodwork a full service custom bunk bed and furniture manufacturer since 1989. Over 500 lots of Woodworking Equipment including: Molders, Sanders, Jointers, Trim Saws, Planers, Rip Saws, Dust Collection, Vehicles, Forklifts, Case Goods and much more.



  • Wadkin Power Band Resaw, Mdl PBRHD 88619
  • Koch Automatic Cut Off Saw Boring Machine, Type SBD
  • Mattison Straight Line Rip Saw, Mdl. 202
  • Diehl Straight Line Rip Saw, Mdl SL50
  • Stetson Ross Gang Rip Saw
  • Porter Automatic Cut Off Saw
  • Bell 8′ (Adjustable) Double Trim Saw
  • Steton Panel Saw
  • Corner Cut Off Saw
  • Powermatic 24″ Vertical Band Saw 150″ L Blade, 24″ Throat
  • Vertical Band Saw 30″ throat
  • Assorted Radial Arm Saws and Cut off Saws

Boring Machines

  • Fletcher 16 head Multi Spindle Vertical Boring Machine
  • Custom Rail Boring Machine, 2-spindle
  • Cemco 8-spindle Vertical Boring Machine
  • Powermatic Shaper w/feed
  • Single End Tenoner
  • Multi Spindle 32MM Boring Machine
  • Dodds Mortise & Bore Machine, 6 spindle
  • (5) Cemco 2, 5 & 8-Spindle Boring Machines (end type and hopper fed)
  • Sicotte Horizontal Boring Machine 9-Spindle
  • Assorted Custom 3″ Vertical Boring Machines on stands

Wide Belt, Stroke, Balloon, Edge Sanders & Planers

  • Timesaver Speedbelt Sander, Mdl 343-1HDA, s/n 18774
  • Cemco 52″ Wide Belt Sander, 2-head
  • Cemco 36″ Wide Belt Sander
  • Sanding Master CCSB 2-900 Wide Belt Sander, 36″w, 2-head
  • Heeseman Belt Stroke Sander 7′ long,
  • Whirlwind Oscillating Edge Sander
  • Balloon Sander 2-Head, 6″d x 8″w
  • (2) Auto 4-Side Sanders w/ 6 & 8 Balloon Heads
  • Adjustable Spindle Sander w/ (10) Spindle
  • Whitney 36″ Planer Spiral Head w/Grinder

Tenoners, Moulders, Router, Drawer Machines & Glue

  • Fletcher Tolbert Double End Tenoner, 8 heads w/sanding attachment
  • Rye Automatic 2-Head Tenoner
  • Weinig Unimat Moulder, Mdl 17A, 5-head
  • Mattison Moulder Mdl 278, 4-Head, w/Grinder
  • Tyler French Dovetail Machine w/boring heads
  • IMC Overhead Pin Router
  • Electronic Glue Machine w/glue spreader

Wood Hog, Lathes and Support

  • Diehl TL-41 Hopper Fed Automatic Lathe
  • Diehl Bradley 430 Automatic Turning Lathe
  • Mattison Lathe w/no motor
  • Yates T5 Manual Turning Lathe
  • Assorted knife and head stock
  • Schutte Hammer Mill Mdl 80 HZF (disassembled)
  • Pioneer 100hp Air Compressor w/ Dryer
  • Strapex Banding Machine

Chair Manufacturing

  • Chair Bow Cut Off Saw
  • Chair Bow Drilling Machine, 6-Head
  • Chair Bow 2-Head Chucking Machine
  • Saddle Seat Cut Off Saw
  • Seat Boring Machine, 12-Spindle
  • Single & Double Head Seat Shapers
  • Seat Edge Sander, 2-Station
  • Chair Bow Arm, Bow Press & Leg Press Machines
  • Ritter 2-Spindle Boring Machine
  • Drawer Building Station

Maintenance Shop

  • Summitt Metal Engine Lathe, 400 x 1500
  • Southbend Precision Lathe, Mdl A, 41/2′ bed
  • (2) Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine
  • Do-All Vertical Bandsaw, Mdl 26
  • Reid Mdl 2C Surface Grinder
  • Carlstadt Arbor Press
  • Hydraulic H Press, 12 ton
  • Assorted Pedestal Drills, bench grinders, tooling, tables, cabinets, parts shelving, metal inventory, scrap metal and much more


Forklift, Glue Reel & Drilling

  • Komatsu FD40Z Forklift, 18,000LB, 146″ Lift, 3400Hrs, S/N 101005A
  • Taylor 40 Station Glue Reel
  • J.Lee Hackett Onsrud Table Press
  • Cemco Drilling Machine 2-Head
  • Powermatic Pedestal Drill

Shaping & Sanding

  • Cemco JF25-210 Wide Belt Sander 24″
  • C.A.M.A.M. LEC200 Brevaltata Sander
  • Power matic Shaper
  • ACM Edger W/Pertici Feed Mdl ND220
  • Steven Arch Back Sander
  • Rockwell RC-63 Planer Mdl 22600 3-Phase
  • Oakley Co. Edge Sander Mdl H6, S/N 2979
  • J.M. Nach N-53 Sanding Machine S/N 315800
  • G.Shetani Cut Off Saw Mdl TR

Tenoner, Moulders, Wood Hog & Support

  • Branyan Machinery Moulder
  • Hawker Mfg. Dowell Machine
  • Rye Engineering Tenoner, Auto, Type OTI, #184
  • Fletcher Double End Tenoner LXT-90-1094
  • Mortising Machine
  • Jenkins Type R Wood Hog
  • Yater 74 Wood Lathe

Saws & Chucking

  • Mattison Rip Saw Mdl 202
  • Rockwell Radial Arm Saw
  • Sycar Vertical Band Saw 900 A.C., S/N 1331590
  • Champ Fond Machinery Mdl C3450 Upcut Saw, S/N 459117
  • Davis & Wells Vertical Band Saw 18″ Throat
  • J.S. Richardson Chucking Machine XASC448, S/N 1481
  • Large Assortment of Rocking Chair Equipment for Spindle Back Rockers to include lathes, saws, presses, jointers, boring machines, saddle machines, chucking machines and more


Terms: 12% Buyer’s Premium. 17% Buyer’s Premium for Online Bidders. Payments must be made by Cash, wire transfer, cashier’s check, personal or company check when accompanied by a bank letter of guaranty. Payment is due day of Auction. This equipment sold “AS IS, WHERE IS” and in the condition as inspected with all faults.

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